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Genomix4Life organizes in collaboration with Illumina and Laboratory of Molecular Medicine and Genomics the workshop " La Genomica dei Tumori nell'Era della Medicina di Precisione " that will be held on 18th March 2016 at 09.30 am at Department of Medicine and Surgery of University of Salerno (Baronissi).
To participate compile the form at link: http://eventregistration.illumina.com/d/7fq1kk


"Il Sole 24 ore" interviews Prof. Alessandro Weisz about Precision Medicine.

In attached the article.



Genomix4life has the experience, advanced protocols and instrumentation required to test and resolve human DNA profiles from a wide range of samples, including highly degraded and low input ones. Our customers can access to a full range of forensic DNA testing and consulting services.

This new technology provides also information about visible traits of an individual, such as hair and eyes color, bio-geographical ancestry, paternity and much more!!

Contact us for info and quotes: 0039 089 96 5051 / info@genomix4life.com

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laboratorio medicina molecolare e genomica Salerno

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