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Our technologies
Genomix4Life S.r.l. provides next generation sequencing services using several high-throughput platforms, such as Illumina HiSeq2500, NextSeq 500 and MiSeq and Life technologies Ion Torrent PGM. These next generation sequencers allow to produce millions of DNA sequences in few days, making it possible genomic studies at affordable costs.

The next-generation technologies allow multiple types of analysis, such as whole genome and exome sequencing, gene expression profiling and the identification of alternative transcripts, lncRNAs, miRNAs and other small non-coding RNAs and are suitable for DNA methylation patterns and DNA-protein interactions studies as well.

We offer a wide range of genomics applications.
Illumina Nextseq 500
NextSeq 500 desktop sequencing system provides the flexible power and simplicity you need to analyze a wide range of applications. Data are generated in about 12 hours for a 75 cycles sequencing run and less than 30 hours for 150 cycles paired-end run.

Illumina Hiseq 2500
The HiSeq 2500 is the first Illumina sequencing system allowing two run modes (100bp paired-end reads in a standard high output run and 250bp paired-end reads for rapid run) on one or two flowcells simultaneously, enabling a flexible and scalable platform to study genomes. It allows the economic availability of multiple gigabases of data from several millions of templates (150Gb from rapid run and 300Gb from single run).

Illumina MiSeq
It is a sequencer recommended for small projects, to produce sequences up to 300nt long, since it allows to generate up to 15 GB of data in a 2 x 300 paired-end run.

Life technologies Ion Torrent PGM
It is a sequencing platform that is ideally suited as an affordable alternative for sequencing of small genomes or targeted regions of larger genomes. Ion Torrent, similar to pyrosequencing, is able to sequence from 400,000 to 6 million reads in 2-4 hours.

Microarray readers
Illumina BeadXpress
It is a platform for DNA genotyping that allows the simultaneous analysis of up to 384 SNPs for each sample by using VeraCode holographic micro-bead technology. This technology is ideal for large-scale genotyping studies and in vitro diagnostic.

Illumina iScan
iScan uses high-performance lasers, optics and detection system, resulting in reduced scan times without sacrificing data quality and reproducibility. With a high sensitivity, low limit of detection, and broad dynamic range, this system produces exceptional data quality.

Other instruments
Bioruptor NGS
This DNA fragmentation technology is proven as an optimal shearing device for library preparation by providing good sample yields, fragment size, and consistency, which are all essential parameters for Next-Generation Sequencing workflows.

Agilent MX3005P Real Time PCR
The logical step after a genome-wide approach is to validate with another technology the candidate genes that showed differential expression. The laboratory gives the possibility to do such validation by Real-Time qPCR.

Nanodrop 2000c
Nucleic acids quality control is carried out by spectrophotometric analysis using the Nanodrop 2000, which allows to determine 260/280 and 260/230 ratios using only 1ul of sample.

Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer
Qubit is a fluorometer that enables the quantification of RNA and DNA samples in an accurate manner, using specific fluorophores for RNA and for dsDNA.

Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer and 4200 TapeStation
These systems provide sizing, quantitation and quality control of nucleic acids, using a microfluidics technology to analyze the profiles of RNA and DNA of up to 60kb. These are used to verify the integrity of RNA and DNA samples and for the quality control of sequencing libraries.
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